A simple subdivision that allows you to turn a block into two blocks with one house behind the other is called a rear or single strata. This is one of the most popular developments types to undertake. Subdividing your existing block and building a new home is a fantastic way to get into property development. If you have a large block with the right zoning, retaining your current home and building a house behind or a single strata is a great investment opportunity. For example it can be an excellent way to build and sell your second unit for a profit. Or, if a passive income is your aim, you could rent out the second unit and add to your savings.

A rear strata development is generally an easier process to source finance and obtain council approvals. R20 is usually the most common zoning type required to undertake a house behind a house development. Our advice is that we recommend you give us a call to help you fully understand what is required.

A rear strata will require a driveway beside the front house, and this gives rise to the "battle-axe" shape of the rear block. Choosing a plan that has been specifically designed for a rear strata block is extremely important as there are certain design codes that will apply to the property and these have already been taken into consideration. Paragon Homes WA will help save you time and money down the track as we can design you a home specifically suited for your rear strata block, your budget and your development purposes.